Time for Bed Baby Ted - Book Review

As you know, I love reading!
I really hope to pass that love along to Broxton.
We have read books since he was born and from time to time, he will sit in his chair and "read".
Other times, I read to him.
With that in mind.
I am always looking for books to add to the library!
We were able to review, Time for Bed Baby Ted by Debra Sartell.

At night, we normally read one or two books before bedtime.
With Time for Bed Baby Ted, we read THAT BOOK three times!
Time for Bed Baby Ted is so cute!
It tells of ...
You guessed it!
Baby Ted, getting ready for bed!
As Ted gets ready, his dad guesses who he is...
and in the process, Ted gets ready for bed and it is determined...
Ted is not a baby!
He is a big boy because he got ready for bed by himself!
(Even brushing his teeth!)
With squeaks and snaps and everything else in between...
Daddy guesses what baby Ted is... and in the process Ted is getting ready for bed!
What a FUN way to go night night!
This is a must have for all!
The cute thing about it is that Debra even sent Broxton some Bedtime Hero Badges to help with the getting to bed process!

I know that this is one that will be a definite night time book!

A HUGE THANKS to Debra for the chance to review this book!
Join Debra's blog to follow along with Baby Ted!

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  1. Awwwww How sweet! Sounds like the perfect book for my grandsons. They're four and two.

  2. Hi Noelle,
    Thanks so much for such a lovely review. I'm so glad that you and Broxton are enjoying my book. I was just back in NC and Georgia this summer (Tybee Island) but didn't do a reading, maybe next time. Best, Debra


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