10/10/10 - Top 10

My dear friend Lorie posted her top 10....
So I am too!
(She just NOW realized it was 10/10/10... and lucky me, my computer said 10:10 when I was on her post)

The top 10 things that make me smile
1. Being a mommy... I really and truly am a very blessed person. I know, I was a step mom to some sweet boys, but being pregnant... and seeing Broxton for the first time... That showed me a love I have never EVER known before...

2. My husband... Marc is a wonderful man that completes me. Besides being a wonderful husband and daddy, he is a TRUE American Hero... Add to it him being deployed the first part of Broxton's life... It is sad, but sweet... We are so proud of him! (and SO GLAD he is Home!)

3. My family and friends ... They helped get me through Marc's deployment...
and are such treasures... Those in my life are here, through good and bad!

4. My bloggy buddies... Although we have never met face to face, I have several that I really consider friends, not just "followers" but actual friends and I am so looking for the chance to meet you all!

5. The Internet... How else would we have survived Marc's deployment? How else would I know YOU?

6. Soldiers Angels... A great organization that shows support to the military...
I will be posting about them soon, as they are in desperate need of any amount of a donation you can send.... Without donations, some products might have to be eliminated...

7. Gymboree... Broxton gets to go and play and make new friends... and run and play and get exercise... did I mention run and play? LOVE IT!!! (Makes nap time better!)

8. Books... I love to read, always have... always will.... I love the escape- if even only for a few minutes!

9. A nice HOT BATH... Relax, read a book if I can... Bubbles...

10. My camera... I have ALWAYS carried a camera... High school and college... and of course, now that I have this little boy running around! Thank goodness for digital! (It was getting pricey printing all those on film!)


  1. You are beautiful and have a beautiful blessed life. I love reading about your 10 :)

  2. I LOVE Soldiers Angels, they are a terrific organization. Thank you so much for posting your 10 faves, I knew I could count on you.
    You have lots of the same faves as me, guess that is why we are friends. :-)
    I can't believe I didn't think of my camera, maybe because I think of it as an extension of me - like a body part. TeeHee
    Have a fantastic week... HUGS

  3. I love your list. My camera, blogging buddies, and anything that helps with naps would be on my list too.

  4. Amen to digital cameras! Haha. What would we do without those? Especially as a mom. Who knows when a moment will pop up!


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