W/W - Uncle Ashton

My brother came to visit his little side kick...
After a long day and then driving to visit, he was pretty tired...
Once he decided to go lay down, Broxton said he was going to go nite nite with Uncle Ashton!
Needless to say, Uncle Ashton was serious and Broxton wanted to play!


  1. That's the way it usually goes with adults and kids. I usually end up getting up with the kids on the weekends; because daddy wants his beauty sleep. LOL The kids want to play.

  2. Awwww! Just look at that irresistable smile!

    Happy WW, sweetie!

  3. Muah! I just wanna eat him up, Broxton that is!! And WOW your brother looks grown!!!

  4. I love it! He has quite the mischievous grin, doesn't he? ;)

    WW: Creative Play

  5. Did uncle actually finish his nap?! LOL!!

  6. Poor Uncle Ashton... look at that mischievious face on Broxton, I LOVE IT!!

  7. That looks like my husband at the end of a long day…poor guy.


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