W/W - Loving the weather

We have been spending quite a bit of time outside lately...
The weather is just to perfect to stay indoors.
Not to hot, but not cold either...
Just right...
I am not really sure what is going on in this picture, but it looks like an entertaining conversation of some sorts!!!
Broxton loves learning and helping daddy and his bike!
Finally, Broxton LOVES his shoes from Kidorable.
He plays in them all the time!
I should actually do a post of all the times he has worn them!
You would be surprised!
When he outgrows them, we will have to buy more!
They are his shoes for all occasions!
Hope y'all had an amazing Mothers Day!!!!
Here is to a great week!!!!


  1. Yes, Broxton is very, very curious about something there! He's so cute, Noelle!

  2. I love the conversation photo! The composition is great!

    So cute that he wears those shoes all over. Are they shoes or boots?

  3. What a cutie! I feel ya on the shoes...Em seems to grow out of them over night!

  4. what a sweetheart! shoes! yikes, soon he will slow down & then the real expensive time of growth spurts - teens!

  5. Love their curiosity at that age. Happy belated mom's day to you too. Hope it was a good one. And sorry the linky was bein stinky.

  6. Hi Noelle, what cute pictures of your family! Here in the midwest the temperature reached 80 degrees and it felt great! We've had a long, cold and rainy spring so bring on the sun!

  7. Yes it looks like quite a conversation.

    And gosh he is growing up so fast!

  8. I love seeing pictures of little ones with their daddy's. So cute. : )

  9. I love the expression he's making in the last one. Too funny! What beautiful big brown eyes he has! Found you on the Dear Crissy WW linky. have a great day!

  10. He's getting cuter by the day, Noelle!

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. I'm with Veronica Lee - he's getting cuter by the day! :) That second picture cracks me up - looks like a very serious conversation. ;)

    WW: Alligator Fun

  12. Such WONDERFUL photos!
    My favorite is the one with his daddy of course!
    Glad your weather is getting nice, so is ours.


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