Family and Words - Aloha Friday

Aloha Everyone!!!!
I hope that the year has been treating you great!
I have not participated in Aloha Friday in a bit, but I am back and ready to go!!!!!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.

My question this week is actually a 3 part one:
1- What do your kids call you?
I call my parents mom and dad when talking about them, but then when I talk to them, it is normally mama and daddy... Weird... I know!
2 - How do YOU spell mama?
I spell it mama... but Marc spells it momma... but then I see some people spell it all sorts of ways...
So, is it mama, mamma, momma, moma, or what?  Just wondering how you spell it...
3- Where are you from?
I am a Georgia girl... born and raised :)

Have a great weekend and get ready for a great week ahead!!!!!


  1. They call me mom or mommy, depending on their age/mood. I spell it Mama. I'm from NY. :)

  2. 1. They call me mommy. I'm sure as they get older it might change to mom.
    I call my mom, mom

    2. I say mama. or mom

    3. I'm from the Caribbean!

    Happy weekend to you! Good to see you again. Are you alright?

  3. My kids call me "Mom"

    I call my own mom "Mother" (I'm the only one who calls her that, my siblings call her "Mom")

    I spell it Mama

    I'm from Kentucky

  4. Oldest son calls me mom.
    Youngest son calls me mother.
    Daughter calls me mom or mother.
    Sometimes they call me "woman".

    When I was younger spelled it momma. Now that I'm my doggies momma, I spell it mama.

    I was raised in Ohio, now living in Florida.

    Here's Mine

  5. My kids call me mom. All spellings of momma are correct depending on the area you grew up in.

    Born in Colorado raised in Washington State, Back to Colorado to stay.

  6. Hi.
    I'm from the Midwest and my kids call me mom.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. My 5-year-old daughter calls me mommy, I spell it Momma and I'm from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (on the East Coast).

    Happy Friday!

  8. Princess Nagger calls me Mama - she says she'll never call my 'mommy' for some reason. :) Little Dude, on the other hand, calls me 'Mommy'. I call my parents Mom and Dad (sometimes I'll call my dad 'Daddy' since I called him that most of my life until I moved out). :) And I spell it 'Mama' - since that's the way Princess Nagger spells it, too. :)

    Procrastination Station and Un-Friending Mother Nature

  9. It is Daddy and Mommy. Momma spelled with 2 m's, Born in South Raised in the Northern states.

  10. My kids call me mommy or mama or mom depending on which kid it is and what their mood is at the time. I answer to it all -- LOL

    I spell it mama :-)

    I was born and raised in the Midwest (St. Louis, MO)

    Visiting from Aloha Friday

  11. My little one calls me MOM...
    I spell it Momma
    We are from Texas : )

  12. My kids call me Mom or Mommy.
    I spell it Mama.
    Born and raised in Hawaii.

  13. RY calls me mama or mommy
    I spell it mama
    I'm from GA and FL :) Would that be Florgia? lol


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