Aloha Friday - Celebrities

It is Friday!
Time to link up with Kailani and enjoy the weekend!!!!

My question this week:

Are you a celebrity junkie?

As in, do you like meeting celebrities?

If there was a movie/tv show being filmed near you, would you go to try and see if you could catch a glimpse?

I am... Marc isn't and he thinks I am crazy for doing so, but I just think it would be neat!  
Like the story I can tell Broxton about when ANN MARGRET held him as a baby... 
See?  Great stories!!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!!!


  1. I am so out of the loop with today's celebrities I wouldn't even know if I was in the same room as one. lol

    Sometimes movies will shoot here in Savannah, but I've never had the urge to go stalk anyone.

  2. No, I am like Noner, out of the loop.

  3. I'm not.
    I wouldn't even know if one walked right by me :)

    But if I knew a movie was being filmed close, maybe mayb maybe I'd go check it out with my girls.

  4. I'm not really a celebrity junky, but if they were going to film something in the area with someone I really admire, I might go check it out... ;)

    Random Cocktails

  5. Not really into celebrities. Now, if Steven Tyler was in town again, I might take a walk around to get a glimpse if I knew where he was staying :)

    Hope you're having a fab weekend!

  6. Stopped by from JDaniels moms blog. It is lovely here. Your name caught my eye. My oldest daughter is Noelle! Enjo your weekend.

  7. All I know is I will be prepared for another "celebrity" viewing with you LOL You are very serious about seeing them LOL Remember the NASCAR race we went too??? You literally jumping in front of your guy's golf cart? (Sorry just can't think of his name)

  8. I like hearing about them and reading about them a lot!

  9. nope, not at all. would love to meet the duggars though :)


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