Soladey Ionic Toothbrush

I will admit, when I read about the Soladey Ionic Toothbrush, I was expecting something different.
I don't really know what I was expecting, but I will say, I did think it was supposed to be different. 
I just saw that it was an Ionic Toothbrush... If you didn't have water.. no big deal.  No need for toothpaste... What?! I thought that this was going to be a great toothbrush for Marc. 
Being that he is Military, I am always thinking of that what if...
What if he gets deployed?  I thought that this was going to be a great idea...
A toothbrush that he could use anywhere... No need for water or toothpaste.  Only thing you need is the actual toothbrush and a light source.  No, you don't need to have it in the sun for hours, you need just enough light that would operate a calculator! 
So - the toothbrush arrives and it is pretty "far off / The Jetsons" for me...
But get this... it seems like a normal toothbrush! 
Yes, I guess I was thinking it was going to pull my teeth out, hand polish them and then place them back in without messing anything up.  Or maybe I was expecting it to jolt me with power and shake my face off trying to clean my teeth. 
What I got was a nice relaxing toothbrush that you have to hold to let the light get to the solar panel...
I can not tell a difference yet, as I have not been to the dentist... But, it is gentle on my teeth and they are clean when I am finished!!!!
Read on so that you can learn more about the Soladey Ionic Toothbrush:  
This toothbrush looks like any ordinary toothbrush – the difference is that it combines semiconductor technology with an integrated solar panel to provide natural environmentally-friendly oral care.  The Soladey J3X uses less water and virtually no toothpaste to fight plaque – one of the leading causes of tooth decay.
This ionic toothbrush was developed in Japan more than 15 years ago and is used widely there – it’s being reintroduced in the US by incorporating the solar panel into the handle of the brush.  But the toothbrush really looks and works just like any other one – it’s not electric or battery-operated…looks just like the $.99 ones that you can often buy – but because of its high tech this one is priced a bit high – at about $59 retail, but there are coupons available!   Basically it work like this:  when light strikes the solar panel near the end of the handle, electrons are generated.  These electrons move along the lead wire from the negative pole toward the built-in semiconductor (found at the top of the handle, near the area where the brush head is attached).  When light strikes the wet semiconductor, which is comprised of titanium oxide, electrons are also generated in a process called photocatalytic action.  The plating on the metallic body of the toothbrush is specially processed to help raise the electrical current rate.  The electrons generated at the solar panel and the semiconductor, these electrons move to the inside of the mouth through saliva.  The double electrons then remove the hydrogen ion within dental plaque, allowing the plaque to break down.  As a result, dental plaque is easier to remove, brushing is more effective leading to healthier teeth and gums – and the toothbrush is available for adults – and children.  And, all this happens and the user isn’t even aware of it!
I think that this is a great product...
This would be great for several types of people:   Campers, Military, Parents, they even make them for kids now!!!!
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  1. I've never heard of such a thing, but you're right it would be great for many situations, especially the military. This is a great review to get out there!

  2. That would be nice for when you don't have the time to brush your teeth. You could just take this with you and bam brush your teeth anywhere.

  3. That would be the perfect toothbrush for travelling!

    Yep, you do indeed have the best reviews!

    Have a great day, sweetie!


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