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I am not sure if I have mentioned just how much I love the Magic School Bus DVD's.  
I was not familiar with them before we had a chance to review them, but I tell you what... Now that I know them, I am eager to add more to our collection!  I know they are in books and DVD's, but we have not seen a book yet.  That is on the list for this summer!  

We were sent the Magic School Bus - All About Earth for review.  I was excited about it... so I told Broxton's teacher about the DVD.   I figured it would be great to work into Earth Day (and they had recently done an "experiment" with a Volcano)  so I thought it was perfect timing!
She let them watch a different episode during their lunch break and she said they were all totally into watching the movie!   She even had to remind them to eat, they were so focused!!!
Once we had it back at home, Broxton has asked to watch a couple different times!  I love listening to them talking and being entertaining for him... all while teaching him as well!!!!
Marc was listening to the DVD in the car while he drove and I was telling him how I loved the concept of this... They load into the magic school bus to get to size to really explore and discover the subject... but the best part for me is the end... I love how they point out what was true and what was made up to better explain the story at hand!

More about the DVD" - All About Earth:

Grab a seat on the bus and hang on for the three episodes, including "The Magic School Bus Goes to Seed", where the class' garden is going to be featured on the cover of Plant It! Magazine, but Phoebe's garden plot is glaringly empty; "The Magic School Bus Blows its Top", which explains volcanoes and shows Ms. Frizzles class how the earth makes islands and "The Magic School BusGoes on Air", which covers the mysteries and miracles of air pressure.

If you are looking for an informative DVD, look no further than The Magic School Bus!!!


  1. I've heard of the Magic Schoolbus, but I've never seen or read it. It sounds good!

  2. The Magic School bus has been a favorite of ours for a few years now.

  3. Yes. Mica liked it. I don't know why, but Isaak hasn't asked me to read that book.

  4. My daughter loves the Magic school bus.

  5. Yes, the kids love The Magic School Bus!


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