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As you know... 
Water is not a favorite around here... 
Marc seems to think it is like poison... so of course, Broxton does not request it... 
We do have it though... 
Bottles, pitchers... you name it..

The great thing with Broxton's teachers last year was that she said it was okay to send in water for the kids to drink throughout the day...  His water bottle came home pretty full on some of the days, so I wanted to try and find another way to keep him hydrated.. 

Then, it hit me... 

Broxton likes Hint water.. 
So why not send that in?  

It is more than just "water" so that Broxton will drink it... 
It is water that tastes good... and would be great to keep him hydrated and it is better that filling him up on juice...   

Just the Facts - 
HINT is simple: Premium essence water with a HINT of flavor 
HINT offers beverages with no calories, sweeteners or preservatives and is a 
great alternative to juice and soda 
HINT was launched in April 2005 by current CEO Kara Goldin, a former AOL 
executive and mother of four, her husband Theo holds the position of COO 
HINT is currently a privately owned company with 22 employees 
HINT now distributes its award winning water throughout the United States in more 
than 10,000 retailers 
HINT is available in high-end grocery stores, cafes and food retailers nationwide, 
including Pax, Dean & Deluca, Food Emporium, Stop & Shop, Morton Williams 
Associated Supermarkets 
HINT Blackberry is now available is Starbucks throughout the US and Canada 
HINT is available in 10 delicious flavors Watermelon, Honeydew Hibiscus, 
Blackberry, Mango-Grapefruit, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Lime, Raspberry-Lime, 
Pear, Cucumber and Strawberry Kiwi 
HINT has appeared on popular shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal and 
CSI, in addition to The Early Show, Power Lunch and Good Day New York 
HINT is based in San Francisco, California
They have actually came out with HINT FIZZ now... 
(I want to try that... I think this would be a nice refreshing drink to enjoy while I sit in carpool line... or while enjoying time to read while he is at school!!!)

So- now that school is back in (for most kids) remember to keep them hydrated and let them enjoy the beverage with HINT naturally flavored water!


  1. That's the perfect way to get more water in. I trick myself that way too!

  2. This sounds great! I love water with just a touch of flavor.

  3. I like just a hint of flavor too, especially if it's over ice.


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