Towel Shorts Draw Attention!!! @KikisNation

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We were lucky enough to have a pair of Kiki's Nations Towel Shorts sent for us to check out...  I have never seen a pair before, so I was a bit curious as to how they would look, fit and feel... When they arrived, Broxton was pretty excited to put them on!  I tell ya, this kid will try most things out for me... For the most part!  

I requested the Red Hibiscus Jammers, as the red, white and blue colors were just really calling me (Imagine that!)  They arrived and I was in love!
We ordered the 4T, but looking back, I wish I had requested the 5T as he is growing so fast and might not be able to wear these next year...  

We actually took them to the pool with us the other day.. 
After Broxton was finished swimming, I was able to get him to dry off and just put these on...  He loved them and went on and on about how comfortable he was in them. 

The awesome part?  We were at a friends house, so when we went inside, the friend (A GUY, who is not one to notice things) was spot on in mentioning something about how they were so cool looking!  I told him he needed to go ahead and order a pair for both of his boys and while he was at it, he could grab a pair for himself!!! 

I love that they are shorts... made out of towels... and they went a step further and included a pocket made out of the printed fabric to go on the solid colored leg!
I just think little touches like that make it so much more and we are enjoying them here...
I guess they are really, really comfortable... since Broxton has even asked me to let him sleep in them!!!  I can see people wearing these all the time... especially after the pool or a shower!!!   This would also be great for cruises... (You could always pack a cruise ticket with this for a great way to surprise someone!)  

If you are looking for a great looking and comfortable product, head on over to Kiki's Nation to see what all is available.  Don't worry... they have more than just shorts...  They also have pants, skirts and even bags!!!

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  1. Oh man, these would have been perfect when we lived in Florida. We had a pool (most houses in Florida have a pool ;) and the kids lived in their swimsuits. They'd have loved these.


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