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Having a son means I know all too much about stains and rips and all that good stuff.  We go through pants  and shorts around here like you just would not believe.  Sometimes I wonder if he just lays in the dirt to see how dirty he can get, but then I know he is having fun, so I am not too worried about it.  Don't get be wrong, I would love to be able to not have to deal with the stains, but I have to also be reasonable, my boy has fun and at the end of the day, that is all that matters! 
When I was contacted and informed about a new (to me) fabric,
Nanotex, I was eager to learn more.  Nanotex :  uses nanotechnology to transform the molecular structure of fibers, creating fabrics with remarkable performance and comfort.   After reading that, I was thinking that it would be some fabric you would have to order online only, but then I kept reading...   Macy's, Target, Gymboree and Gap (to name a few) are the stores that carry clothing made with Nanotex!   Yes, I shop at these places and they are located near me. 
I was able to review a pair of shorts (from Gap) to learn about this new fabric and I loved that they were so cute and comfortable on Broxton.  He wore them to church (you would be surprised where this kid can find dirt to play in) and when we went to leave, he looked as though they were fresh from the dryer.  The day he wore them, rain almost kept us home, but it wasn't that bad... When we went to leave church, it was HORRIBLE!  After running to the car (and when I got in, my pants were soaking wet, over halfway up my calf) I noticed that his shorts seemed to have repelled the water off of them. As in, I saw the water droplets on them, but they were totally dry.  Talk about being impressed with this.. Yes, we BOTH were! 
Broxton said they were super comfortable.  Besides the fact that they can stand up to a rough and active little boy, I loved that they came with the adjustable waist in them.  Makes it better for us, that he has room to grow! 
Are you familiar with Nanotex?  (It is available for more than just clothing, visit their website to learn more about it.) I for one like that it will save me money not having to invest in new clothes as often since these will be harder to stain!!! 
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  1. I've never heard of them, but they look super comfortable!

  2. That's a good looking outfit. And hurrah for repelling the rain. It's not comfy to sit in a car seat soaking wet!

  3. I can't believe they were that awesome in the rain. He was a lucky little guy, especially since they were comfy too!


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