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As soon as we entered the Aquarium, Broxton was trying to take it all in. To me, I was taken back to my trip to California when I saw all the Sea Lions.  Have you ever been and seen them just laying there in the sun?  So neat.  Broxton had to get all up on the glass to be able to see what all was going on.  I love this kids enthusiasm!  

These little otters were just the cutest.  It was fun watching them play around with one another.  One kept pushing the other in the water and then would run off.  Just like little kids!  

There is something about taking pictures like this.  I could stay here for hours, but Broxton was ready to see what was around the corner. 

This could have been Broxton's favorite part of the whole Aquarium. If he went through once, he went through a million times.  Even when there was a good sized line and he had to wait.  He is serious about wanting this pet penguin!!!!  I just wish they had stairs or something to let shorter kids like him see out.  I could not go through, since I had Savannah, but it would have made it more fun if he would have been able to stand there instead of having to jump over and over.

They have several touch area's.  He was excited to see and touch a Sea Star.  I forgot the other names of what all was in there, but his expression was too much!  

This was part of the Aquanaut Adventure.  I thought it was neat to see kids (and adults) trying to see how far they could jump .  Talk about the the "Gator Challenge!"  

Besides the big window where they had the diver feeding the fish in my other post, this is my other favorite area.  They have a moving sidewalk type thing set up and you are under the water in a tunnel with all these fish swimming around you.  So neat!!!  I could have stayed there for a bit longer, but it was a busy day!!!

Have you been to the Georgia Aquarium?
What was your favorite part?  


  1. I'm trying to remember if we went there, or not. I know we went to Chicago's. We were going to skip it, but it was part of our pass. I'm so glad we went. I love aquariums! They are so peaceful!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I guess I didn't answer your question in the post. I like the jelly fish at our zoo's aquarium. Yep our zoo has one.

  3. I love aquariums. Awesome review :)

  4. Wow! What a fun adventure with the kiddies!
    I'd love to visit.
    I enjoyed the photos!


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