My hand-print jewelry from @silversculptor is beautiful!

The last few months have been a bit hectic, so I hate that I was not able to share my new found love of Silver Sculptor's jewelry for Mothers Day. Let me tell you this though, just because Mothers Day has passed, it doesn't mean that you can not give a WONDERFUL gift of love. You could give it as a gift "just because" or for a late Mothers Day, this is a gift that needs to be given!   Don't just stop at moms either... They have great gifts for dads and the grandmother of my children (my mom) has been asking me for mine, so like I said... NOT JUST FOR MOMS!  

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Okay, so let me tell you more.
Well, let me start by saying she has so much more, but the thing I am sharing because I am SO IN LOVE is the hand-print jewelry.  Head on over to the actual Silver Sculptor site to take a look at all the other beautiful jewelry she has to offer, but please oh please make sure to check out the hand-print jewelry. Joanne is so talented!

Like I said, it was my Mothers Day gift, so Broxton helped decide what I really "needed" since you know, I did NEED it! Joanne offers everything from necklaces to cuff links, bracelets to rings.  We decided to go with a necklace, as that would be the piece of jewelry I would wear most often.
After deciding on the necklace being the piece we wanted, we had to decide on the style.
Again, Joanne has gone the extra distance.  You can choose between a dog tag, a guitar pick, a heart or a basic oval.  Broxton wanted to go with the heart since he and Savannah have my heart!
At that point, we waited to see what would be sent.
Now, I bet you want to know how their hand-prints ended up on my jewelry, but we didn't have to go anywhere to have their hand-print made...

Get this.
She sends you a hand-print kit. It has a special paper and an ink-less wipe.
I will admit, I was SO NERVOUS that I was going to do it wrong. I put it off, out of fear.  I mean, I had a 1 year old and an 8 year old and I had 1 wipe and 1 piece of that special paper.
So yeah, 1 piece of paper and 2 wild children with the ultimate goal to make a masterpiece.
I was eager to see the finished product, but I knew it would never happen if I didn't send in the stuff.  I finally saw the window of opportunity and I went for it.
I sat down and did Broxton's hand-print.  Then, we did Savannah's.  I got it ready to be mailed back to her (you can mail it back or you can scan it and email it, the choice is yours.)  and prayed it was done correctly.

All that worrying was for nothing!  She said it was a great job and she would start working on it!
Next thing you know, this beautiful package arrives and I was so excited.  I couldn't even wait for Mothers Day!  I opened it then and fell in love.  Broxton loved it and we had to take a picture to send to show my mom.  That was when she decided that it was the perfect gift for her to have of her grand-babies.  (Maybe one day, but not right now!)

Tell me it isn't beautiful!  The best part is it is MY babies hand-prints.  Then, on the back she has their names stamped in there so I will always know which is which.  Perfect for twins or kids closer in age that might have hand-prints that are closer to the same size!

I love my necklace and wear it with pride. Having my babies hand-prints on a beautiful piece of jewelry is something I will treasure forever!

If you head over to the Silver Sculptor site, you can sign up for the newsletter and get a code for 20% off your purchase!  Fathers Day is right around the corner, wouldn't cuff links or golf ball markers with their little ones hand-prints be a perfect gift that is one they will love forever???

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  1. That's so cute! I love the handprints.

  2. Oh my, that is great! I would love to get that for my mom, or for me!! My mom's birthday is in September. Maybe I'll do one for her birthday of the grandbaby and her great niece. :)

  3. I would love to own something like that of my littles.


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