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I know that I am not the first and I won't be the last to say that this year has thrown many a curve ball our direction.  I have had highs and lows... but one thing I am really working on is TAKING TIME FOR ME! Maybe that isn't a huge deal to some, but to me, it is something I tend to push to the back as I want to make sure my kiddos have everything they want or need... but that isn't always fair.  I have started to do a few "little" things that are just for me, because I feel that when I am the best of me, I can give and be the best for them! Just what am I doing?  Watching TV shows for ME :)  Reading books for ME ---  and PAMPERING myself now and then!  I have seen these cute masks before, but never bought them.. but you can guarantee I will in the future! 

FTC Compliant Review Policy:  The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Press Release:
MasqueBAR’s Pretty Animalz collection is everything we need right now.  Fun, printed character masks are drenched in efficacious serums to hydrate, refresh, firm and renew glowing skin.  Each mask is enriched with nourishing extracts to feed and supplement the skin. 

So whether you’re just hanging around (monkey), feeling lazy (sloth), can’t stay away from the fridge (pig), or have just had enough (dragon), MasqueBar’s Animalz assortment has something for everyone:

Bee Sheet Mask 
Bunny Sheet Mask 
Cat Sheet Mask 
Chick Sheet Mask 
Cow Sheet Mask
Dragon Sheet Mask
Flamingo Sheet Mask
Fox Sheet Mask 
Horse Sheet Mask
Kangaroo Sheet Mask & Koala Sheet Mask – launching Spring 2020 to  support WIRES   Wildlife Rescue in Australia)
Lamb Sheet Mask 
Llama Sheet Mask 
Monkey Sheet Mask 
Narwhal Sheet Mask 
Octopus Sheet Mask
Otter Sheet Mask
Owl Sheet Mask 
Panda Sheet Mask
Penguin Sheet Mask 
Pig Sheet Mask 
Puppy Sheet Mask 
Raccoon Sheet Mask 
Shark Sheet Mask 
Sheep Sheet Mask 
Sloth Sheet Mask 
Tiger Sheet Mask 
Unicorn Sheet Mask
Zebra Sheet Mask

I just knew she was going to go for the unicorn when I decided that we would have a mommy and me day...  Let's be honest, I wasn't about to post a pic of me up on here with this mask if I had that adorable face to do it instead!  We all know she is better in photos!  She ended up going with the shark --- and you BEST BELIEVE I sang BABY SHARK to her the whole time.  I couldn't help myself!   

So, while I got these for review and have been treating myself, I know a better way to use these in the future!   I think I am going to buy some and think of cute sayings to go with them to give to a few friends that have worked the front lines from the start of COVID.  Another idea?  Send them in to a teacher or two... I mean, we are doing virtual right now *NOT BY CHOICE * and it is a struggle, I can not imagine all the changes and thoughts going through their head right now!  Basically, I am saying that something as small as a sheet mask like this can really turn someones day around... if anything, just think of the laughs and giggles they will get while also nourishing their face!  


  1. I bet Savannah loved the masks.

    Ya this year I could have done without.


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