The Mystery of Miss Hill's Missing Glasses #review #raisingareader

 Another great book was in our mailbox!!!!   We were sent The Mystery of Miss Hills' Missing Glasses for review and as soon as Savannah saw it, we had to jump on the couch and dive on in!   As we took turns reading the pages (She could have read the whole thing, but she was in a hurry so we took turns!) we were trying to figure out where the glasses would be found.  Savannah loved looking at the pictures going along and seeing the facial expressions of the kids.  Once we finished the book, Savannah wanted to go back through it again and look at the pages, the words, the illustrations.  It was a great book and one we will enjoy adding to our library!  

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Synopsis of ‘The Mystery of Miss Hill’s Missing Glasses!’ by Alison Hepburn:

Our teacher is looking different today. Miss Hill’s glasses have blown away.

How will we solve the mystery? Why don’t you come along and see?

Meet all the characters in Miss Hill’s class as they team up to solve ‘The Mystery of Miss Hill’s Missing Glasses!” You will delight in this rhyming tale of camaraderie, teamwork, investigation, and fun.

This beautifully illustrated children’s rhyming picture book follows a class of children who discover that their teacher looks very different one morning. Miss Hill explains that her glasses have blown away in the wind and that she can’t see very well anymore. The children team up to solve the mystery of the missing glasses and use all their skills and ideas. With wonderful characters, and a fun mystery in the school classroom, children will adore this delightful story. It poses the question: how wonderful would it be to have a mystery in your classroom? For 3 to 8-year-olds and above.

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