Make Your Mess Your Message #Review

 Life is messy, I get it.  Mine is FAR from perfect, but I do try to make the most out of it all.  I try to find the positive in most situations (key word - TRY) but I am telling you...  I would not be able to get through most things in my life if it wasn't for my girlfriends that sit and listen to me ramble and also give advice, sometimes hard advice too!  
I thought this book was pretty neat as she worked on it during COVID QUARANTINE through Zoom meetings...Each week you have a new message.  It is the story from the next friend followed with a section with Mess/ Message/Action.  It even has a journaling section that lets you write the date and then there is a writing prompt that ties in with the message you just read.  So far, I am really enjoying this!!!

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In her new book, Make Your Mess Your Message: More Life Lessons From and For My Girlfriends, lawyer-turned-life coach Shari Leid chronicles dates and intimate conversations with her girlfriends, all centered around the question, What is the mess that became your message?

Each chapter profiles a different woman, with the final chapter focusing on Leid’s own mess-to-message as she learned to let go of the fear of judgment. In the second book in The Friendship series, you’ll meet Kathryn, who finds acceptance and healing inside a damaged relationship with her mother (chapter 17); Gage, a young transgender woman who now uses her platform to help support and offer guidance to other transgender youths (chapter 18); Cindy, a mother who loved her son through his struggle with drug addiction (chapter 37); Angela, who found the tools to manage her daily anxiety and depression (chapter 44); and many, many more inspiring women whose messes may be similar to your own.

Designed to be read one chapter a week, Make Your Mess Your Message will remind you that each and every “messy” life experience has had a hidden meaning. Following each chapter, Leid provides a place to journal as well as an action step to take in your own life.

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