Luna Finds Love Everywhere #review #raisingareader

 As I have said before, we love donating books to our local little free library.  We do keep some for our own library at home (To be honest, I think we have at least one or two books in every single room in our house.)   Not all books are kept or shared with the LFL in our area, some I think are better shared with the kids libraries, so in that case, we end up donating to both of their schools. While reading Luna Finds Love Everywhere, I saw that this would be best shared in the schools so more kids could have access to it.


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Meet Luna, a little girl who loves playing outside, helping her family, and learning new things. As Luna goes through her regular daily routine, she realizes how much love there is to appreciate around her and within herself too. She learns kindness, sharing, and even what to do when things don’t go her way. With simple prompts and activities scattered throughout the story, children will be able to explore the principles of self-love into their own lives. Kids will have a blast learning along with Luna as they discover the importance of loving each other and oneself!


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