Couple great ideas...

With the holidays right around the corner...
Here are a few great gift ideas:

Thanks to freebies4mom for this information:

The Bonnie Hunt Show is giving 25,000 a free Personalized Cover 8.5x11 20-page Photoworks photo book ($39.95 value) using the coupon code BONNIE. Just search for product #3157086 to make sure you make the right photo book to use this coupon code for. You won't find out if all 25,000 codes have been used until you checkout with your book, but I'm guessing since you actually have to make the book first these won't go as fast as you would think. Thanks goes to Surviving The Stores for the code, and to Chris for telling me she made hers, got it for free and got free shipping too!

and then.............................

From sweetdeals4mom we have :

The first 10,000 people to become Facebook Fans of HotPrints can receive a FREE Photobook every month. I signed up for mine, added about 30+ pics in the book, checked out for a total of $0. The books are also fully customizable. Click here to become a Facebook Fan, then you will need to go here and click "Make your own HotBook" on the right. Uploading all the pictures was a bit slow for me, but it will be worth it when it comes. Once you order your first FREE book, you can add the promo code of free4friends to get a second book for FREE. Enjoy.


  1. Oh I am excited! FREE FREE FREE gimme gimme gimme! I will work on mine tonight!! Thanks for the info! Jeremy still doesn't believe the last cards I ordered were free, he says it can be true haha I told him to lighten up, that neither Noelle nor myself would follow any scams!

  2. Thanks for the links... That's my favorite four letter word: FREE!!!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


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