Whatcha Say Wednesday - 1

I am joining up with Stash Mama for her first ever Whatcha Say Wednesday.

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1. What is your favorite Halloween Costume, or What are you going to let your kid(s) be for Halloween this year?
I really do not have a favorite... as a red head, I have been Pippy Longstocking more than once! :)
For my son... I am not sure what he will be... We need to just go and look, whatever grabs us is IT!

2. What extracurricular activities were you apart of in High School/College?
In high school, I was mostly a talker... and I took TONS of pictures.
I was also in chorus... I loved it.. as I love to sing! I might not be great at it, but it makes me happy!

3. How did you come across blogging?

I started blogging to basically have something to do. My husband was deployed... I was a first time mom ALWAYS online looking up things... Now, I continue to do it because I love it! and of course, I love all the wonderful people I have met!


  1. I love your music comment - I may not be good at it but I love it :) That's 100% me!

  2. You called talking your extracurricular activity. LMAO!!!

  3. I'm glad you blog otherwise we would never have met!!

    Happy Wednesday, Noelle!

  4. It's soo neat to see what everyone did in high school! I loove reading all the answers! Thanks for linking up!!


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