So happy! But No Picture Proof

When Marc returned from his deployment...
He had different ARMY things to do during the day, and while he did that...
Broxton and I hung out at the hotel.

Well, one day...
We went to visit a friend of mine on the set of ARMY WIVES.
(You KNOW I LOVE that show... )
Well, she was working and we got to go and see her for a few minutes.
I mean, we were close and we did NOT want to pass this chance up.

So, I got there... and hung out with her husband until she had a free minute...
It was a busy day and I was just kinda "there"

I was so excited hanging out...
(Let me tell you, I LOVE celebrities... not in the stalker way, but in the "if you are a celebrity and are cool, I will support you all I can... If you think you are too good, I will remember that too!")
Well, I got to meet Sally Pressman - She plays Roxy...
Total sweetheart and Broxton LOVED her puppy!

I met Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy) for a second... (she came and introduced herself.. so nice, like I would NOT know any of them!)

Catherine Bell (Denise) walked by me several times, she was always on her phone (maybe tweeting, she loves it) she waved, but we did not meet..

I even met Katelyn Pippy...
She was super nice and said hello to Broxton!

I saw the guys that play Trevor and Roland...
But that was it... they were not near me.

Guess who was THE SWEETEST? Brigid Brannagh (Pamela) she was wonderful! She came over... talked like I was a friend, not just a fan! She took me on the set and showed me around (I could not go while they were filming because I had Broxton with me!
She even started carrying Broxton around and was just an absolutely wonderful person!!!!

Now, to the COOLEST piece of news about that day........
I .

Yes, You read that right!
I met Ann- Margret!!!

She came out and I was in awe!
I loved her in Bye-Bye Birdie ( yes, I even had to tell her!)
I tried not to be completely in awe, but I did manage to tell her that it was an honor to meet her.
She was so sweet and so little!
She asked if she could hold Broxton.
I of course said yes!
I did warn her that he was drooling A WHOLE BUNCH and was HEAVY as anything...
She took him and just started going on and on about him!
He leaned all on her, just being a sweet lovable boy...
She kept hugging and kissing him!!!

Oh, how I wish I had a picture of that!

But, I do have the memories!!!
And yes, I will tell Broxton ALL about it!!!!

Now, a clip from the day we were there:


  1. I can't believe you didn't take photos! Ya stink!

  2. How cool! Doesn't it figure that it would be on the day you weren't carrying a camera? :) But yes, you have the memories, and someday you can tell Broxton ALL about it!

  3. That's awesome!!! I LOVE Army Wives! There is a guy who came to our church a few weeks ago that had a part in Army Wives. :)

  4. I use to really love Kim Delaney, but that's when she was in "All my Children". She was really great doing that. I knew she was going places.

  5. Awww that's really awesome. I never thought I would be starstruck but I met an actor from my favorite show and I 'bout died. Haha. So I totally feel you. :)


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