Zippies - Just the Right Pal to Have Hanging Around

When the boys come for the summer, you can only imagine the water bottles and sometimes drama that ensue's over who's drink is who.
You see, all the water bottles look the same.
I really do not like writing their names on the side, as it ends up getting on their hands...

So, I was quite happy to hear about Zippies ID Labels!
Now, these are not just any label.
Better than that, they can be placed on just about anything!
You know how some labels are...
They are stickers and you put them there and that is that...
Well, why would you want to put one of those on a disposable water bottle?

With Zippies, YOU CAN!!!!
Let me tell you about Zippies!
They are just the cutest!
Zippies are actually little plastic pieces.
One one side, it is a cute character...
On the other, a place for name and information.

Of course, when we got them...
Broxton thought they were toys!
First of all, we had been at the doctor all morning, so he thought he had a stethoscope for the house...
Then, I showed him how we would write his name on it and then it would be for everyone to know it was HIS drink! He really liked that idea!
But then, he thought he could put them ALL on there, maybe like one of those toys that makes the noise when you move it and it hits the bottle?
This makes me smile for two reasons.

One, germs.
I am not a HUGE germaphobe, but I am enough that I do not like drinking after people...
Nor do I want Broxton drinking after others!
This will let everyone know what bottle belongs to who and we can all be more careful!
Especially at the pool, pulling water out of the cooler and throwing it back in...
This way, everyone can look for their Zippie and drink the right drink!

The other reason I like it?
When it is time to throw away the bottle.
With the boys, they normally try to say that it is not theirs, it is the other brothers...
This way, we will all know who it belongs to!

The Zippies are easy to place on.
Just slide the little ponytail type holder around the neck.
I like that it is adjustable.
See, we used it for the HINT water, which has a bigger mouth than say, a Dasani.
Either bottle will be able to have the Zippie on it!!!

Also, you can take the loop off and use it on your keys!
Add it to your belt loop for a little "bling."
You can even add it to your book bag to spice it up a bit!!!
On the Zippie site, they even have a little girl wearing the Zippie as a charm type on her necklace!
The opportunities to show off your zippie seem to be endless!!!!

They also have several great characters, not like you just have to stick with one...
I wanted:
But, we received 5 and I really did not see the boys wanting:

Just looks like we might be buying more sooner than we thought!!!!

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