Happy National Guacamole Day! (September 16th)

Flavors include:  Classic Mild, Medium and Hot  Red Pepper Mango, Pineapple, Roasted Tomato, Avocado Verde and Guacamole and Spicy Pico
If you know me at all, you know that I am married to a soldier... 
He is the provider of our family and yes, he is OUR hero.
When he was deployed, we were lucky enough that the boys were able to attend Operation Purple.
Operation Purple is a camp designed for military children.
Not only is Operation Purple a summer camp, but it is for military children.
It is designed so that other kids that are dealing with the same things  (Deployment)   have one another to lean on... and the counselors are there to help them not only deal with their emotions... but to help them deal with being "military children."
I know the boys loved it... They could not stop talking about it... 
What does that have to deal with Guacamole?
Well, this year...
Wholly Guacamole is teaming up with Operation Purple to send kids to camp!  
Image Credit: Ordinary People

 Read the press release I received: 

September 16 is National Guacamole Day! Yes, it's a real holiday (kind of) and no, we didn't invent it (but we'll celebrate it!)
This year, we're launching a special program on September 16th. We meet everyday, average people everyday who are Heroes! We wanted to celebrate a special group of people who are indeed heroes in our book- the children of the soldiers who honorably serve our country every day. 
Every year, 2 million kids say goodbye to their moms or dads as they deploy. This means 2 million birthdays, first day of school, last day of school, holidays and special events are missed. Wholly Guacamole teamed up with Brad Meltzer, NY Times bestselling author and creator of Ordinary People Change The World. His team created the artwork for our Wholly™ Heroes program. The proceeds with go to Operation Purple® camps which is part of the National Military Family Association. These summer camps are special for military kids and the organization is a non-profit. Please help us meet our goal to send 100 kids to camp!

Program Details:
- Go to eatwholly.com or facebook.com/whollyguacamole to purchase a shirt or donate directly to Operation Purple camps!
- The shirts are $10 and the entire $10 amount will go towards our goal.
- Our goal is to sell 5,000 shirts to meet our goal of sending 100 kids to camp.
- Sales are via Pay Pal and shipping is included.
- Both youth and adult size shirts are available.
- Program- Sept 16- Oct 31

Image Credit: Ordinary People
If you are not familiar with Wholly Guacamole, let me tell you... 
I was not a fan for guacamole for the longest time... Now, I LOVE it.. 
As a dip, on sandwiches, you name it...  but, Wholly Guacamole also has salsa... 
Whooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooo
Want something great to eat?
Try their Red Pepper Mango.  If you are a salsa fan, you will LOVE this! 

I personally want to thank Wholly Guacamole for doing this...
It really does mean so much to those of us with kids! 

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  1. I love that stuff. My only complaint is that not all stores carry it. I wanted some, had a coupon for it and the stupid store that I was at didn't have it.


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