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I am lucky that Broxton doesn't have to wear uniforms... yet... 
but, I know many kids do... 
I have seen people talking about French Toast clothing and how they were a great uniform company... 
Because of that, I never gave them much thought (No need to look at uniforms if I don't need them.. right?)  Well, I finally broke down and went to their site, just to see what the big deal was all about... 
I am glad I did!   French Toast is so much more than a site for school uniforms!!!

French toast sells shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, ties,belts and more... and that is just under the BOY UNIFORM section!!!!  
Head over to the GIRLS UNIFORMS and you can see they also carry blouses, shorts, pants, jumpers, dresses, skirts, socks and more as well!!!!

I wanted to see the quality of shirts that they have and I was able to review a couple different things... 
We were sent a cute solid white dress shirt.  (He hasn't worn it yet... but I wanted it because I wanted to pair it up with a pair of cute plaid shorts of some sort for church!)  
We also were sent a pair of their khaki pants... Another church item just waiting to be worn!!!
Finally, we were sent two of their solid color polo shirts...

Now, he has worn these... and I LOVE them!!!!
I requested a Teal one (I thought the color would be great on Broxton) and then of course, I requested a purple one... you know that was for Marc and for LSU.  
The clothes all arrived looking awesome and like I had just purchased them from a department store, without department store prices!   

Want to hear a pretty cool story? 
So, Broxton wore his teal polo to church and his two Sunday School teachers were talking about how cute it was... Well, I started telling them about how I was reviewing it for my blog and that I was so happy I found out about French Toast, as I loved the look, quality and price... 
Guess what one of his teachers said?  She said she LOVED french toast... as that was what her son used to wear when he was a kid (I think he is close to 20 now!)    How awesome is it to know of a company that has made lasting impressions of people over the years?  Wow... (come to find out from their website, they have been around since the late 50's!)  
I know I am impressed with them and I bet you will be too... 
Like I said, Broxton isn't in uniforms yet... but I do love to see him in a cute polo!!!

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  1. That's really cool you made the connection in the clothing store! It's a small world in some cases. I've never heard of it. I'm going to check it out!


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