Cold Feet? Try Heat Holders

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Oh My Goodness...   Do I have a product to tell you about... 

Let me set it up first... 
Marc has FREEZING cold feet at night...  
BUT - he refuses to wear socks...   I don't know... he says they make his feet colder...    I don't get it... but it is his feet, so I just go with it...  
Besides that, remember he works for the railroad... and is also National Guard.. meaning that he faces lots of different temperatures in his line of work... 

Well, I was sent an email about Heat Holders and I wanted to try it out...

They arrived and I was a bit skeptical... 
They were like socks... but thick...   and the insides were super soft... 
They might be thick... but would they be comfortable and work?

I wore them first... and was in love with them... 
Imagine a sea of cotton... and you shove your feet into it... 
It was AMAZING...  but would they work?
I went to bed to see...
What I did notice was that my feet were toasty all night (but not in an uncomfortable way) ... more than that though... at some point during the night , one came off...  Still not sure about that... but I know I move a lot during my sleep, so I figured that was it...

Next up, I wanted my brother to try them out...
Last year for Christmas all he told me that he wanted was wool socks... so yeah, he ended up with TONS of socks for Christmas... If he would try the Heat Holders, I would look at getting them for him...
I noticed that as he goes to bed each night, he puts on a pair of socks,so I was able to throw these his way and ask for his opinion...
He woke up in the morning talking about how they did indeed keep his feet warm, but he had one issue he could not figure out... why did one come off during the night?
Ha ha ha... I could not tell him, but it made me laugh, as I had the same problem!!

Final test... was I going to be able to get Marc to try and sleep in them?
Mr. " socks make my feet FREEZE at night" actually said yes, so I was excited!  
He woke up in the morning with warm feet and was very impressed with them... 
(I do have to tell you, he too lost one during the night!  We still were unsure about that... I was thinking that they are so soft on the inside maybe they just slide off?  I don't know...)

Well, how about every time I turn around, Marc is asking to wear them to bed...   He loves them.. and it makes me happy that he doesn't have freezing feet any more...  We do need to get a few more pair, as I hate only having one (we do laundry rather often, can you tell?)  

Even though it is summer, he still wears them...  I can only imagine how much he will love having them when it is cold and he can wear them to work!!!

If you are one that has cold feet or if you live where it gets pretty cold..
I say to go ahead and take a look at the Heat Holder Products.. they have socks for men, women and children...  They also have slipper socks if you are worried about slipping in them!  
We have enjoyed them.. not only for the warmth that they do give to your feet, but also for the comfort as they are super soft!!!!


  1. I am always cold. These look great.

  2. Lucky you! I have cold feet at night and could use a pair.

  3. I have low blood pressure and I'm always cold (I have to wear sweaters in the house all the time, or sit on the couch with a throw blanket on me). These sound good!

  4. I'm chilly right now and these sound great!

  5. I do have cold feet at night, in the winter. I would probably get these for Travis though because he does a lot of the shoveling and sledding.

  6. I always have cold feet and wear socks and slippers! These would be awesome!

  7. my feet are always cold in the winter - what a great product

  8. I may get a few of these to drop in Christmas stockings.


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