Princess Cupcake Jones & the Missing Tutu #DigIntoReading

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I will admit it... I totally judge books by their cover...
I hate that about me, but it is true... 
I thought it was adorable and a great book for a little girl...
(Told you, judging the cover..)

So, then I read it... 
It was ADORABLE!!!!
Talk about loving a book!!!
I finished reading it and Broxton finally decided to stroll over to see what I was doing and he quickly asked me what was going on in the book.
I told him I would read it to him later, but it was a great book about a little Princess that did not do such a great job of cleaning up behind her...   and in the process, she lost her things.. but they were never LOST... they were just where she had left them and she did not remember where it was, since it was not in the place that it was supposed to be... 
That is a common theme around here... 
Except that this mama is a bit OCD... so even when he does "clean up" his toys, I go behind him and sort into the correct bins that things belong in!!!!

I loved this book and although it was about a Princess, I thought it was a great book for kids of both genders! Another great thing?  Well, two great things...
One.. this Princess played in the dirt looking at bugs and what not... 
and Two... it was an African American family..
The author actually wrote this book because of the limited amount of books available with African American characters!!!

Love it...   and I bet our house (as well as Cupcake Jones')  isn't the only one that has things "lost" because certain people don't put them back where they go!!!! 


  1. Hahaha, I used to be that mama who 'cleaned up' after the clean up. Now if they clean it, I'm just thankful and leave it alone. :)

    This sounds like a nice book!

  2. My daughter would love this book. She loves cupcakes and she just started taking ballet.

  3. My daughter would love this book because she just started taking ballet and I know the title would intrigue her.

  4. My daughter would love this. Se likes almost anything having to do with princesses.


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