Fuzzwippers Book 6 - Fuzzwipper Have Feelings Too

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We have several of the Fuzzwippers books .... (Mental note, need to look into getting the ones we are missing!  I think there are 2 we need.  There will be 10 in the series once it is completed.)  
The latest book that has been released from the Fuzzwippers is "Fuzzwippers have feelings too"
This was a great book with a really important message.
In this book, one fuzzwipper tells the other that no one is going to like him, because of his color fuzz...
That made the blue fuzzwipper so sad and he thinks about changing who is he to fit in...
That is something that you should never do!!!! 
Long story short, the first one was worried that the blue would get friends and he wouldn't, so he was trying to hurt his feelings!   (So very wrong!)
A list of tips for children on how to accept and become comfortable with who they are is located inside the back cover. Suggestions include:
1.      Be yourself. You are the only you in the whole world.
2.      Remember that everyone is different and everyone has value. 
3.      You have a wonderful gift inside you, and it belongs only to you. It is your mind. It is uniquely yours and you can use it to think for yourself.

While you are checking out the Fuzzwippers... look at the authors blog... She has a new area that is called PLAYGROUND NEWS... It will focus on things parents discuss on the playground!

Great book to add to your library!!!!


  1. If the illustration on the front is any indication, this book is easy on the eyes too!


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