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Okay, as a blogger, I learn so much about things that I have never heard of... Not only from other blogs, but from the emails I get talking about different products... Well, for a couple of years now, I have heard of  "Hess Trucks" and this year, I get to tell you about it!!!

Hess Trucks have been around since the 1960's.   The first one was made to be affordable for families ... and here we are, all these years later... with a great toy that comes with a great price tag!  

The 2013 Hess Toy Truck is AWESOME!!!  At first, I was thinking that $27.99 might be a bit pricey...  
Then, it arrived!  This toy seems like it is made to last and I am so very impressed with it!  The price tag no longer was a factor!!!

For $27.99, you get this HEAVY DUTY Semi truck with a tractor on the back... I was surprised with the quality and realized that for this price, it is a great deal!    (The tractor comes off, I just did not take it off so that you could see how it was packaged.)

 I thought it was neat that the lights on it light up.  I figured it was "fancy" enough to have the front lights working, but then when I saw the side lights worked too?  I was totally shocked!  
Don't even get me started on the sounds...   It was like a real semi truck was in our house!
(Minus the LOUDNESS of such!)  

I almost fell out when I pulled the ramp down...  What the what?!  It made real to life sounds as if it was the real deal!   Of course, I put this up as I will be giving it to Broxton for Christmas... but you know what?  I sure enough pulled it out to show it to Marc when he got home!  I could not wait for him to see it at Christmas... I wanted him to see it NOW!!!!  Get this, he was very familiar with the Hess Toy Truck brand!  

If you are looking for a great gift for a transportation lover in your life ... (No matter what age)  I say head on over and order one today!  Each year they release a new design, so if you are to "old" to play with them, you can at least start a collection for years to come!!!! 

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*** UPDATE - There's an app for that!!!
Check this out:

Hess Tractor Trek key features include:
Three unique environments at launch, with more to come in future releases: Players will explore the Snowy Mountains, Red Desert and Volcanic Island at launch, each with unique environmental features. 
Five unique tractors: Throughout the game, players will be able to earn Hess Cash and purchase new tractors with unique attributes: HARDHAT, the 2013 model; SPEEDY, a souped up racer; BOUNCER, a dune buggy-style tractor; STRETCH, an ultra-long tractor that can grab hard-to-reach coins; JUGGERNAUT, a massive tank-like model.
200 vehicle upgrades: Boost your tractors' speed, acceleration, in-air handling (perfect for flips) and more as you progress and earn Hess Cash (for use within the game app, only).
2013 Hess Toy Truck and Tractor activation: Honk your physical toy truck’s horn and the app will unlock 100,000 in bonus Hess Cash, which can be used within the game to purchase upgrades or unlock new tractors or environments.
In-app purchases: All upgrades can be earned through consistent game play, but Hess Cash also will be made available for purchase through Google Play and iTunes.
Facebook friends’ challenge: Syncing with Facebook will let players challenge their friends' best distances and track progress with viewable in-game signposts. It's a novel twist on the traditional leader board system.


  1. My second oldest used to collect these and he loved them. He gave them all to my mother-in-law for a yard sale once, and they didn't sell. I saw them in her basement a year or so back. I wish she'd give them to me again, maybe I'll ask her. I bet he'd love them again when he's got kids of his own.


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