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We are huge fans of the Cars movies from Disney Pixar!  When Cars 3 came out, I knew both kids would love it and I was correct!   Broxton has several of the smaller cars from the previous movies that Savannah has claimed as her own, so when we were sent a Cars 3 Junior assembly kit for review, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for them to spend time together with a bonus reward!
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Fans 5+ can assemble and play with any of the three car stars with new Junior Kits from Revell – complete with a unique child-friendly screw and nut connector system, working headlights, action sounds, changeable mouth and eye expressions, and take-apart-and-put-back-together ability for hours of fun as well as STEAM learning.
Each Cars 3 Junior Kit includes 21 large body parts and 24 screws and nuts. All three kits retail for $24.99 (MSRP) and are available at Target, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

 First up, I thought I would show you just what all is included in the package.  They don't use 5,000 pieces of all shapes and sizes, it really is a great "Junior Set" for kids to get started building with.
 These are the smallest of the pieces.  I had my 8 year old hold them to try and show you the size. 
 It really was pretty easy for them to put together.  I actually just took it all out of the box and let him lead the way in building it with his baby sister "helping" along the way. 
She watched her big brother putting the wheels together, so she felt that she knew how to do it as well.  Like I said, it really is pretty simple to put together. 
Side note(s) - NO, it is NOT cold enough to go out in a tank top, but she was inside and loving it!  Yes, I know her hands look horrible, this eczema is trying us in so many ways, it isn't even funny! 
 All the tools you need to assemble the kit come in the package so you are not having to go scrambling around the house to find things.  Also, see that it is very much kid size to allow them to build it alone. While it is "kid size" it is also easy for an adult to use as well.  Again, see that she is having to help big brother put it together. 
Once it was finished, she has played with it over and over again.  The fact that you can press the hood and the lights actually work and it makes sound is a great bonus for a 2 year old.  I love that the two of them worked together to build it. 

Talk about memories in more than one way!  Building it, having a finished product and then playing with it!   If your kids still have money burning a hole in their pocket from Christmas, this would be great to spend it on!!!!


  1. My nephew Edison loves it too! He got a Cars 3 toy for Christmas, and started jumping up and down.

  2. Do you have to watch out for small pieces with Savannah? What a fun set!


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