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A new year means new things around here... Well, not really "new" things, but moving on.  We love to read around here and I honestly think that every room has at least a couple books in there.  You might even find one or two in the hall at times!  What I meant with new things is that I want to come up with a new reading plan for the new year. We try to read each day, but I want to make it fun and plan activities with it.  Right now, Savannah is using the new books she got for Christmas to make paths in the living room. Sometimes she uses it as a "balance beam" to walk on them and not touch the floor (you know, the "LAVA!"  thanks to Big Brother...)  I am trying to get her to use them to straddle when she walks, as I don't want them messed up... but they are actually holding up really good right now!  Ha!!!!
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I love these books!!!  They are board books, so they stand up to the test of time with my rough and rowdy little one!    She loves bringing them to me and us look at them together.  She also loves to sit there and look at them by herself from time to time.  I love that it is promoting our love of reading, but it is teaching her so much more.

We are learning many things.
The three THINK books we were sent were Circles, Squares and Rectangles.  We now know that you can find these shapes in every day objects, not just the actual "shapes" we learn in daycare and with puzzles and toys.  We are still talking about colors to keep that in her mind.  These books also help us with our numbers.  She originally struggled with the 3 page layout when it came time to close each page, but we have worked on that and I think she is much better with it.
This book is the Think : Squares book. 
See how it opens to the 3 page spread? 
We discuss the 5 SQUARES are found in the school bus windows.  We then go further than the book and talk about the 2 wheels being circles.  The YELLOW RECTANGLE bus and so forth.  Again, it is a fun teaching tool and it also gives us time together.

I can't talk enough about how great these books are.  If you have a young one at home, you might want to get at least one of these to add to your home library! They are $12.99 each and you can purchase them from the Schiffer publishing website found HERE.


  1. Those are fun books! I love bath books, and board books for little kids. They can be rough on objects, and those kinds of books can take a beating. How cool that theses books teach so much inside them.


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