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 Having a little girl that is in first grade, you can imagine the books we read each week. You can also imagine the questions we have on a daily basis. Some are kind of crazy... would you rather brush your hair with a fork or a toothbrush?  Some are more serious... Who Is God?  
Lucky for us, we have found a wonderful church that we love, so she is familiar with Who God is, but it was a good book to read and I know it will make great gifts for newborns!  I have said before, my friend Cindy had everyone give a book with a message in it instead of cards... this would be great for that occasion!  

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Children are constantly asking questions, especially about the Creator of the world. In “Who Is God?: Leading Children to God by Asking Questions,” Jane Reed provides inquiry-based learning to effectively teach parents the best way to educate their kids by helping them ask questions to discover the Lord.


Throughout the book, Reed focuses on how children and parents can build a strong relationship by creating an environment that allows for learning by asking questions. Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations that accompany the building blocks to learn more about God. Children ask questions based on curiosity, which will encourage reciprocal conversations. Reed focuses on these important conversations and how this way of learning will create a desire to remember and use what was taught.


“I wrote ‘Who Is God?’ to ignite curiosity and conversations,” said Reed. “The book is written to read to your children from birth, as you rock them and hold them close to your heart. Word by word, and moment by moment, it is important to develop an environment that acknowledges and worships God. While reading my book, it will develop a vocabulary that includes and prioritizes learning about the Lord.”


Ultimately, “Who is God?” will invite and allow God to nurture children’s beautiful hearts and to show parents, family members and teachers the importance of engaging with their minds to ignite a desire to learn and understand. Readers will be giving an essential building tool that cultivates children’s curiosity through questions that will help make a relationship even stronger with God and their loved ones.


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