Aloha Friday - 50

It is that time again...
Aren't you glad it is ALOHA FRIDAY?!
Its the weekend!

My question this week -

Have you ever renewed your wedding vows?
If not, would you ever?

My answer...
We actually just renewed them this weekend!
It was wonderful and of course, I cried!!!!


  1. I haven't been married long enough. We will celebrate four years in November.

  2. awww that's so awesome! yes we've talked about this a few times. :-)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog earlier!

    Have a great night.


  3. Hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next June. I dream about going to Disney World and doing something special There. We had out honeymoon there and it would be a great location to renew them.

  4. Yes, we have. We got married at the court house in April of 2000 and had a huge wedding in Oct 2000. I would love to do it again, maybe in a few years when our boys are older and we can go to some tropical place to do it.

  5. So sweet!!! I have not & would not because I divorced my husband lol but if fiance & I get married then sometime down the road I would definitely renew my vows :)

  6. Congrats!!! My husband asked me a few months ago if we could renew our vows for our 25th in a few years. I of course said no. Just kidding, I said yes.

  7. I'm not married yet, but I think it's a great idea :)

  8. I would totally renew my wedding vows and would LOVE to do it. I hope we can do something like that one day! How did you guys do it ? Did you do a big ceremony or just the two of you?

  9. We havnt. I dont know I probably might if we had some time to do it.

  10. No we have not however i would love to on a destination wedding trip.
    My Aloha Friday link for you

  11. We haven't ever considered that. Probably not though.

  12. Nope- have not. Only if Vegas is involved :)

    Have a great Friday!

  13. Not yet, but we are planning to do it.

  14. Congrats! We talked about doing the whole renewal thing when our 10th Anniversary comes up in a few years, but we'll see... :)

    Aloha: Staying Cool

  15. we are planning to on our 25th anniversary in 2 years

  16. We were married twice and renewed our vows once :)

  17. I would because this time I want my mom and siblings to be there.

  18. I never did that, but if we had worked it out, I would have!

  19. No, we have not and I know my hubby isn't into that kind of thing! So probably never will. Hope you are enjoying your book festival!


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