Blogger Challenge Day 20

Day 20 — A hobby of yours

I have several hobbies.
I love to scrapbook, just have not done it in a while.
I love to read... MAJOR HOBBY THERE!
I LOVE to take pictures, just need to get back into it.

I wish I had a hobby like crochet, knitting, anything creative like that...
But I don't.
Not yet...
Willing to learn if you want to teach me!


  1. I blog, crochet, and I do the 4M's!!! Monday's Music Moves Me! Are ya gonna play along this week? It's freeby week, so you can pick whatever you like! Hope to see ya there! Hugs, Dolly

  2. I want to learn to crochet sooooo bad!

    I love to scrapbook too but haven't been able to do it for years now - I miss it though. I'm thinking about getting into the digital stuff - maybe I can handle that since it would be less mess with the kids all around and into everything.

    Love reading too!!!! and pictures well I can't get enough of those but I have been out of it lately too with everyone sick.

  3. Your hobbies are my hobbies... guess that is why we are friends. :-)


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