Great Devotional Book! (No Girls Allowed - Book Review)

Day 6 of the Hurry Up the Holidays List!

I love finding great books for the boys...
I love to read and I hope they find a way to enjoy it.
I want them to read because it interests them, not because they have to for school.

I was able to review the book, No Girls Allowed by Jayce O'Neal.

I think that this book will be one to appeal to boys of all ages.
This book can be broken down to read one or two stories a night.
The messages are only one and a half pages long, so they can be read and discussed without taking up a long amount of time.
I know with MY boys, they like the feeling of accomplishment when they finish a chapter or section, so this would be great to finish, discuss and then read another one.

The GREAT thing about this is that each message/section is written to reach out to boys of all ages. Let me try and explain a bit clearer... One section may explain the message using Spongebob Squarepants as the example... But then a section or two later, they will use Jerry Rice. They even threw in Tony Hawk, Batman, reference Madden Football and the Wii games!!!
It is very up to date, easy to read and of course... Gives a GREAT message!

An additional bonus for the boys reading it?
At the end of each devotion, they have different activities...
A crossword puzzle or a word search.. Maybe a secret code or an unscramble the words.
They also add a few versus related to the devotion and they put quotes by memorable people as well!

I really like this book and I am so glad to be able to share this with the boys!
If you have any boys in your life... Son, grandson, nephew, even a neighbor...
This would be a great book for them!

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  2. I am your newest followers from the Read My Feed Blog Hop!

  3. Thanks for joining Read my Feed!! I'm following with my google reader

  4. Sounds interesting -- I like the variety of names they threw in.

  5. It seems that it is rare to find good books geared towards boys these days (other than Hardy Boys- which is a great series for boys), this review sounds perfect for my oldest boy to read.

    I will have to check our local book store to see if they have it or maybe wait and see if it hits the library circuit soon.

    Thank you for the review and giving me a good option for my oldest's next read.


  6. I love when I see good things for boys. This is very good. I'll have to put it on my amazon list! I rarely find these gems for boys.

    This is what bloggers do. We share and someone else finds and learn.

  7. What a great thing that they targeted boys for this!!!


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