We are part of the famileebee, are you? Book review

Day 10 of the Hurry Up the Holidays List!!!
We love eebee!
Ever since we met eebee a year ago, he has been a key part in our lives!
Now, we are adding to the eebee products that we have, because we now have eebee books!

Of course, Broxton LOVES eebee and now he is constantly bringing the eebee books for me to read to him. How can I tell him no when it is reading he wants to do? So here we go, reading eebee again and again!!!!

I really love the eebee's adventures - here to there book. We go to Gymboree and they are teaching up / down and so on... so it is great that he can learn it and Gymboree and then we keep going over it more, with eebee to help!
It also deals with other opposites such as off/on and wet/dry. We discuss opposites all the time, but I think he likes seeing eebee help teach it to him too!

The other eebee book that we were able to review is the eebees adventures - all about me book. Now this one is super cute!!! It even has a fold out mirror so that your little one can see themselves in it!
Eebee teaches them about their eyes/ears/nose and toes!!!
Granted, Broxton already knows all of this, but it is cute watching him kiss eebee and show me where everything is!This would be perfect for a younger child, but we love eebee so this just adds to our collection!

I still need to get the eebee doll! We have the puppet, but I really want the doll!!! Mayeebee for Christmas? Who knows?

There are several books in the eebee adventures collection, head on over and grab a few today!

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