Aloha Friday - # 59

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend.

My question :
Do you travel out of town for the holidays?

My answer:
I used to travel out of town..
but now, with the family...
It is easier for us to stay here and have my family come here to visit.

Aloha Everyone!
Please do not forget, lots of contests going on!


  1. We get together with my husband's family every year at a resort. This year we will be meeting in Georgia.

  2. not for thanksgiving! family are traveling to us.
    for christmas, we will be out of town.

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  3. we have no real precedent, but we are planning to travel to see family this year.

  4. Not normally, but this year, yes. I gotta see the kids.

    PS. I'm in Ohio with my daughter this weekend. I am in the airport now waiting for her to pick me up. Wedding dress shopping!

  5. We sometimes used to, but we don't have the money for another trip this year.

  6. Sometimes we do, but the last couple of years we've stuck close to home. :)

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  7. Sometimes we do. This year we will spend thanksgiving with Dad and the Others one at home.
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  8. No - if we do anything, people come here. My husband works retail and ALWAYS has to work Black Friday and our families our 4 and 6 hours away...

    Same with Christmas...he always works the day after christmas, so family comes here.


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