Wouldn't It Be Nice? - Under Your Tree Gift Guide

No, you can NOT have THIS under your tree... I would miss him to much!!!
But, you can win several great things, to keep or share!!!!

I can not think of what I want to call this, so ANY suggestions are appreciated!!!
Yes, I know it is a Holiday Gift Guide... But I want a fun name!
I will be holding several great giveaways and plenty of reviews over the next two weeks.
I hope you enter them all! :)
I mean, gifts are great... but aren't they even better when they are FREE?!
You know you want to enter them...
So, stop on by tomorrow and start entering away!!!!!

Leave a message here stating EXTRA ENTRY and then you can use it for any (or all) the giveaways I host during the WIBN Giveaway!!!!


  1. Extra entry. What a cutie!! LOL!

  2. Extra Entry. Thinking... but my mind is a little dull (lack of sleep) these days...

  3. Extra Entry. (As if I'm going to enter, right?) I'm gonna try, I swear, maybe this afternoon. Right now I need to pack for the weekend!

  4. Extra Entry. Funny photo.
    arobimom at gmail dot com


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