Letters to Ethan - Book Review

Tom McQueen did what many of us look back and wish we had...
He wrote a series of letters to his grandson, Ethan.

Tom McQueen is a therapist... but most importantly, he is a grandfather.
The book, Letters to Ethan, is a series of letters that Mr. McQueen wrote as a means to share his life's lessons with his grandson. Although he wrote these letters, they ring true with each and every single one of us.

The thing I really enjoyed about the book was that you can tell it is from the heart.
Also, I really, really, REALLY love the quotes before each letter.
(If you can not tell, I am a lover of quotes!)

Here is one I really liked :
" When an old person dies, it's like a library burning." - Alex Haley

Several of the letters contain stories or poems that Mr. McQueen heard at some point in his life. Actually, some were stories that I have received as emails! :)
But above all, Mr. McQueen is teaching Ethan ( and all of us that read it) how to be as good of a person that God intended us to be!

Mr. McQueen touches on several of life's lessons that he hopes to make an impact on Ethan.
Just what all does he share?
His thoughts and experiences include:
Life's Purpose, Faith, Heroism, Christmas, Greed, Risk, Vocation, Death, Emotions, Intellect, Will, Integrity, Friendship, Conflict, Health, Love, Children, Goals, Thanksgiving, Respect, Adversity, Senior Citizens, Happiness, Leadership, Drugs & Alcohol, Sacrifice, Fun, Imagination, Compassion & Empathy, Forgiveness, Prayer, Fear and Miracles!

Besides the information he shares and the stories and poems that help to get his point across, Mr. McQueen also relates past events to help explain. Events that are still fresh in my mind.. September 11 as well as the devastation in the Amish family and Haiti.

He is writing to Ethan, but the points hit home in all of us.

Mr. McQueen leaves a great amount of knowledge in his letters. I know his grandson, Ethan, is lucky to have him in his life. How do I know that? Because I am lucky to have been able to read his life's legacy!

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