Fall Television - Recap

So I said I was going to be blogging about premier week...
Then, my computer decided that was not going to happen.
For some reason, every single time I would get ON line, it would decide to kick me OFF line.
Over and over again...
Days upon days!
Talk about frustrating.

That being said, I wanted to highlight on a couple that I did watch and get your feedback on any other ones....

Once again, I watched Two and a Half Men last night...
Now, it is starting to make sense as to how Alan is going to be living there...
I am not liking that Jake hasn't been around too much.
He is just so dumb that it is funny at times...
He makes me laugh a good amount, so I hope that they start to give him more lines.
Bertha had me cracking up with her thoughts, as always!!!
And the wife of Ashton Kutcher's character? I know her face, so I guess I need to google her...

Then there was 2 Broke Girls!
That show is just too funny, but it wasn't as funny last night.
I guess it can not be hysterical all the time... but I still laugh.
I am just wondering the directions that they are going to go with this..
The creepy guy that works in the kitchen is actually pretty funny, although I do not really get the guy that sits at the front door.
Either way, last night they dealt with CarolinE crossing over her boundaries...
This should make for a cute and funny show.

Last week also saw me watching Whitney.
The previews for it were pretty funny, so I wanted to see what this was all about.
This Whitney chick, well... She is pretty out there!
I am not so sure if I will be a regular watcher of this show, as I am not sure what else comes on at that time...
Basically, Whitney and her boyfriend of 3 years live together and seem to go to weddings all the time.
The boyfriend is the marrying kind, but Whitney is scared of the whole idea.
Of course, the show opens with them going to a wedding.
First, her boyfriend has to comment on her clothing of choice...
Once they are there, Whitney does a few things wrong...
(You know, drops phone in the line as the bridesmaids are walking down... but then there was that small one of digging into the cupcake CAKE before the bride and groom)
All of that leads up to discussions on how relationships dry up at times, so Whitney wants to try and spice things up...
Which lands her boyfriend in the ER !!!
As I said, it is funny, but not sure I will be a regular, need to see how it goes!
Please tell me you saw this!
This is for sure going to be one that we watch weekly.
So far? AWESOME!
Marc watched and enjoyed it as well, so it will be nice to have a show we watch together.
This has Poppy Montgomery as the lead character, Carrie.
She is one of those people that can remember everything.
Like photographic memory.
We learn that she goes to casino's and basically counts cards, hustling and winning the money.
(She has already been kicked out of several casino's already.)
During the day, she works (I think she volunteers, not sure) at a nursing home.
As the show goes on, we learn that she is a former cop.
She quit the force, as the emotional stress was too much for her to deal with.
She teams up with an ex (boyfriend who she also worked with) to help him with a case...
Also, as the show continues, we learn that she keeps having flashbacks of a girl dead in the park.
We eventually learn that is her sister...
The ONE thing that her memory will not let her see is who it was that killed her sister years ago.
That alone is what makes the emotional stress to much...
She can try and solve these cases for others, but can not solve the one for her own!
At the end of the show, we find out that the reason she works at the nursing home is to take care of her own mom.
I didn't think of the irony of it all, until I read the website...
She can remember EVERYTHING, yet her moms is suffering Alzheimer's and can remember NOTHING, to the point of not even knowing that Carrie is her daughter!
As I said, this is one of our must see's now...
I can not wait for tonights episode!

This was just plain cute!
It has Zooey Deschanel as Jess.
Long story short, she comes home to find her boyfriend CHEATING ON HER!
So, she moves out...
Into an apartment with 3 guys.
(Selling point for her to be the new roomie... she has models as friends!)
She is a bit off, as in awkward...
She sings to herself (about herself and anything and every thing else... ALL the time.!)
They are helping her get over the breakup... Giving her key points for a rebound, from a guys perspective.
I can not wait for this show to come on again..
I laughed and said "awe!" just a few times too many for the premier!!!

So, what did you watch last week?
What do you plan to watch this season?

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  1. I watch almost nothing but reality. Isn't that pathetic? But I did watch the premiere of Two and a Half Men on CBS.com and I liked it a lot. I need to watch this week's too!

  2. I plan to watch 2 and 1/2 men but the show here is a few seasons behind the US. The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and NCIS are top on my list.


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