#HolidayGiftGuide Kicks off NOW - Christmas Classics

You can't start off a Gift Guide without trying to get into the Holiday Spirit!
That is why, today, I am highlighting a little taste of Christmas for us all!


The Original Christmas Classics on Blu-Ray.

Up until last year, I had never seen the movie, "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town."
I know, I know...

Marc saw it on and wanted Broxton and I to watch it.

It was rather cute, as we started a family tradition without really knowing it.

Think about it, it was our first Christmas as the 3 of us, since Marc was deployed Broxton's first Christmas...

I am glad that "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" is in this set, as we now have it to watch together every year!
Fred Astair is the voice of the Postman/Narrator. Mickey Rooney is the voice of Kris Kringle/Santa Claus. I love they way this is presented as the postman answers questions as they relate to Santa and we get to see the story in a whole different perspective.

This set also included Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman ... and also features, Frosty Returns!

All of these movies were released in the mid 1960's-1970's.

I love how basic they are, but yet are still so captivating all these years later!
It is a 2 disc set, that I know will be sure to delight people of all ages.

It is from "back in the day", not a newer movie...
Meaning, all the fancy graphics and animation out today are not present in these.
Truly a classic that is great to start traditions in your house.

My only suggestion?
Don't put this as a gift under the tree...
Open it now, pop some popcorn and start making memories!!!!

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  1. We always looked forwarded to these Holiday Classics. I remember as a kid, that these cartoons were the new age, we weren't used seeing cartoons like these. My kids grew up with these classics, and now with the grandkids, I scan to channel guide to share with them.. lots of fond memories.

  2. I am looking forward to all your post this month about Holiday gift guide! And Rudolph is ALWAYS a movie I must watch around Christmas!! Never heard of Frosty Returns, will have to look into it!

  3. isn't it nice to have a family 'tradition'that can be repeated every year.

    I haven't seen the movie either, lol.


  4. We always have A Christmas Story playing in the background while opening gifts when the family is over. We love the classics!!


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