Autistic Boy, or Boy With Autism? love anthony book review

You know how you start reading a book and you hate to put it down, but you know you have to?

I found that book this week!  
I actually made it a point to get to carpool early, just so I had a little bit of uninterrupted ME time ... 
Also known as time to read a few pages of a book for me.  

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova is a book that will be recommended by people for years to come.
It is a book that is more than a book of a boy with autism, or an autistic boy...

Love Anthony follows the life of Olivia...
I married woman that has a little boy, Anthony.  
You meet her when Anthony is 3 years old...
They are on Nantucket, visiting their summer cottage.

We also meet Beth.
Your heart immediately breaks for Beth, as she checks the mail to get an "early" birthday present.
A letter letting her know that her husband Jimmy has been cheating on her.

As each chapter comes to life, we flip back and forth between Olivia and Beth...
The only similarity was that they both live on Nantucket.
I was wondering how the book was going to tie the two of them together, I mean... Yeah, both on Nantucket, but there had to be more than that... right?

As the book follows the course of a year, so much more is discovered and I truly loved reading each page... 
Learning about autism, not only from the parent, but also from the voice of the child as well...
This is a book that not only tugs at your heartstrings for that reason, but also for the reason of wanting... 
Needing to be loved, wanted...
Isn't this something that each of us wants/needs in some way or another?
I loved the way that Lisa pulls all of this into a story that dives much deeper as the book goes along.  

If you are looking for a great book to read at book club...
Or are just looking for a new book to read now that you might have a bit of time, I totally say you should look at getting this book.
As I said, it gives a voice to autism, but it also gives a voice to our heart...
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  1. That sounds like a wonderful book. I know 3 people with children that are autistic. It's such a hard thing to have your kid be what most call "normal" and then fall into a world of their own. Two of the people I know really work with their children. They changed their diet, put them in sports that fit their likes. The other one seems still lost in what they should do with their child. It's sad really.

  2. Will be looking for this one to add to our Autism Library for our Service Center.. with 3 grandsons with autism.. our family works hard with each one. When you have children with Autism, you have a lot improvements, laughs and surprises along the way,and have spent a lot of time banging our heads against the wall. It has taught us about what it takes to love unconditionally, without any expectations

    Big guy is Aspergers (High Functional Autism)we are very proud that he graduated HS this year and is attending our local Jr College.. He is in a program for students with disabilities.. and is doing great. He was also able to achieve his Eagle Rank for Boy Scouts.


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