Finding Nemo in 3D - Just Keep Swimming

I was so excited to know that Finding Nemo was going to be coming out in 3D-
Because I just love that movie...
 Gotta LOVE Dory too... (You know I love Ellen, so that was a given!)
We were so lucky to have the chance to go and see Finding Nemo in 3D last week.
It was so awesome!
We got there, grabbed our glasses and picked the seats that I thought would be perfect for us.
The movie started and in true Pixar fashion, we had a treat... It was the dinosaur from Toy Story and WAS the partysaurus in this one!
It was super cute and I have to be honest... I would love for another Toy Story to come out... I can not get enough of those guys!
So... Back to Nemo.
This has been one of Broxton's favorite movies since I can remember.
We have it on DVD and if it is EVER on TV, we watch it like we don't own it already!
I knew Broxton was going to be excited seeing it on the big screen (don't get me started on our television... my dad jokes that it came over on the Mayflower!)
So, the movie starts and Broxton has his glasses on.
I am really getting into the movie, I love it just as much as he does.. 
It is so sweet and so funny all at the same time.
Then, I look over and Broxton is totally enthralled in watching it...
I kept trying to tell him to put the glasses on, so he could enjoy the 3D of it all, but he was just as content watching it all blurry.  Whenever I would notice he didn't have them on, I would tell him to put them on and he would... but a bit later, they were off again.  He just isn't into glasses right now.
I loved seeing it in 3D... 
It was awesome..
I thought I would love the shark scene the best... but to be honest, I thought the best part of the 3D for me was when they were in the baggies trying to get to the open water...
I mean, you just FELT like you were in there with them...
Broxton kept saying he wanted to go to the aquarium and after the movie, I think we both felt like we had been IN the aquarium, not just a movie!

If you are a fan of Nemo... Or any Disney / Pixar movies... 
Young or old, I say head on over and watch this while you can... 

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  1. How fun!

    Isaak won't ever keep the glasses on and Mica's always batting his arms in the air like he can really feel the 3D things. He's such a goof!


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