W/W - Preschool and a Question

Okay, Okay.. 
I know I am really behind in getting Broxton's pre-k picture up... 
But, better late than never... Right?

He is loving school ... and loving his teachers!  
Each day is full of learning and playing and I think Marc and I are both very happy that we decided to enroll him in pre-k.

Now, my question...
Since this is photography... 
What type of camera do you use?
Back in my "film" days, I had a Cannon Rebel..
I see so many different kinds.
One of my dear friends has the Cannon T2i and loves it, but I was wanting to know what all of you used..
Thanks and have a great week!


  1. I have a Canon Powershot but I'm going to upgrade to another Canon before too long. And that photo of him is adorable!

  2. How cute :-) My main camera these days is my Iphone lol.

  3. canon powershot sx130is and i love it

  4. I switch between a plain point and shoot digital camera and my phone.

    He is so cute!

  5. He is adorable!

    Happy Thursday, sweetie!

  6. So cute! I have a Canon Rebel but I almost always just use my iphone 4s these days.....

  7. He looks so cute! I'm glad he likes school.

    I have a Canon PowerShot. It doesn't have the ability to screw on lenses, but it does have the micro option. It gets up pretty darn close. I've taken shots of bugs and it did pretty good capturing Jelly Fish. Lens are expensive. Some just as expensive as a camera. My sister does have a nicer screw on lens Canon and loves it. My school did research. Canon and Nikon are rated the highest.

  8. He is just adorable. I LOVE the sign.

    I have a Sony Cybershot.

  9. I just purchased a Nikon last spring for our 2 grads and keep it in my purse for those quick photos.
    He is a cutie


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