Brownie Groundhog and the Wintry Surprise #ChristmasCountdown

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Another book we will be unwrapping for our Christmas Countdown is Brownie Groundhog and the Wintry Surprise.  This book was cute and I will admit, I had no clue where the story was going...
Brownie the Groundhog heads off to hibernate for winter and tells Fox NOT to eat Bunny, as it was his company...
Next thing you know, Fox is at Brownie's... asking questions... waking Brownie up... 
(You can tell Bunny is not comfortable with this at all!)
Fox keeps borrowing things from Brownie and Bunny is the one interpreting correctly what is being said!
I was so lost (in a good way!)  and was eager to see what was going to happen!
Of course, after being constantly bothered... Brownie is awakened... 
and comes out to see what is going on...
Fox and Bunny had made a SURPRISE for Brownie!!!

What a cute story!  
(But don't go waking me up anytime soon to surprise me!)

Geared for ages 3 and up.

Kids will love this wintry-wonderful follow-up to the popular Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox.
Brownie is ready for a long winter's nap. “Just don't wake me up,” she warns. But her friends miss her so much that they can't bear to obey her orders—and they turn Brownie's “do not disturb” into a comic commotion, complete with a stunningly beautiful nighttime surprise. Susan Blackaby has created a fun romp filled with delightful wordplay, enhanced by Carmen Segovia's illustrations featuring splashes of color against a snowy backdrop. 


  1. I want to know what the surprise should totally post spoilers!!! Kidding. Sort of. ;) :)

    Writing down the title, I'll let you know if we read this one!

  2. The illustration on the cover looks fun! I want to sing that song, "What did the fox say..." LOL This book is good because it will last the whole season!


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