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I don't know about your house, but around here, clothing is always a gift at Christmas time.
For the most part, everyone will get at least a shirt or two... 
If you think about it, can you have too many shirts?

A bit ago, we were sent a nice little collection of shirts from American Apparel.
Broxton was thrilled to have a shirt to wear that had the letter "B" on it... but you know what made it stand out even more?  It was a BIG B and a little b on the same shirt!  
He was so excited, it was B for Broxton... B week at school and it had BIG and little... Can it get any better?  I guess so, since he came home telling me that the teachers were all calling him "Mr. B" that day and he loved it!  

I hate to admit this, but I am not all up on the name brands like I used to be... 
Once I was checking out the American Apparel clothes, I realized that we actually already owned a couple shirts from them already!   That being said, I can vouch that they have lasted through several (and when I say several, I mean SEVERAL)  washes...
They have not faded on us, they have not shrank...
I will say, very impressed with the quality.
We were sent a couple of their solid colored t-shirts...
I figure those can go with many different options and would get more use out of them...
We also got a solid colored polo style shirt.  I actually ended up saving that and had Broxton wear it for the school pictures!  I will say, he was very handsome!  

I kept a couple of the t-shirts back to possibly give to him for Christmas... Still not sure on that one yet...   Head on over and see what all deals you can find!!! 

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  1. I'm going to go take a look! Thanks for the info. share.

  2. That looks like a fun shirt. I want one to! ;) The hard thing with clothing shopping is that Mica is now moving up to the Youth instead of the Kids sizes. It's like a whole new world shopping for him now. He's only 8 and fits in size 14, or large. Isaak's only 5, and fits in 7, or medium. I want to say, "Stop growing kids!"


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