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Remember my post about Percy Jackson?  How I said I had a story to tell you...
Well here we go...
The other night, Broxton and I had an amazing time!!!

We were invited to the Georgia Aquarium to work with the release of the latest Percy Jackson Movie Blu-Ray / DVD  and team up with Project Linus and UPS!!!   What happened?
As I said, we went to the Aquarium... and Broxton was immediately mesmerized!!!
Getting a picture was like pulling teeth, he wanted to look the other way... Wonder why?!
Broxton on the "red carpet"  before the event started... 
Hello!!! Stephanie L. Schlund  (of Hunger Games: Catching Fire) was there!!!  Seems that she is really into giving back to charities and those that have an impact towards kids are near and dear to her heart!  

Of course, I had to get a picture of the celebrity star... and the star in my life!!!
She was so sweet and totally did not seem to mind getting her picture with him.  
We walked into the ballroom and it was awesome seeing how it was decorated.  Not only with the Percy Jackson theme, but it was nice to see a variety of the different blankets that are part of Project Linus.  
The awesome part of the evening was that although we were there for the movie release, we were also there to team up with a great charity!!!  They had several tables set up where you could work on a no-sew blanket.  (I was so thankful for the no-sew part, since I would have been totally lost!)   Broxton picked out the blue and white plaid that he wanted to make.  Of course, about 2 ties into it and he was out of there! * He noticed they had an area set up for the kids to watch the movie.  But, lucky for me... the beautiful bright plaid beside me later had Stephanie herself there working beside me to make one!
*** Side note, you all know I love celebrities... It was so awesome to see that she was just a nice and normal person.  We chatted a bit and she even made a comment about Broxton being cute!   I loved that she came and actually made a blanket, not just made an appearance!  

Fox and UPS treated us to a wide variety of foods for the night... from sliders to bags of goldfish... cute veggie cups to the BEST tomato soup I have ever had....

What better background could you ask for than to have Beluga whales swimming behind you?  

Of course I jumped up to snap a picture of Stephanie L. Schlund working on her blanket for Project Linus.  You know I wouldn't miss that!!
The desserts table - was a huge hit with Broxton!!!!  

They even had a table set up for kids to color or do word searches or other activities Percy Jackson related!   We did not see that until we were leaving, but Broxton was so into the movie, it did not matter!

If you are anything like me, you might be curious as to how all of this fit together... 
Well,  In the movie - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters he is on a quest for the "golden fleece"  what better way to team up with a company to do good?  So - Fox worked with UPS and Project Linus for staff of UPS, FOX and local bloggers to make a sort of "golden fleece" of our own to give out..
If you are not familiar with Project Linus, they donate blankets to kids that need their own form of comfort... from losing a parent to being sick...   they really do help kids in need.  Speaking with one of the local chapter members, I learned that they have been there to give blankets out and have heard kids ask if it was something that was there's to keep... as they had never had something that belonged just to them... talk about heart breaking!!!

I love knowing that I was a part of making a kids day brighter... if only for a little while.
Percy Jackson is available now to own... Make sure to grab a copy today for your video library...  and while you're at it, visit Project Linus to learn more!!!!


  1. Project Linus sounds awesome, and I love that event! So many great things going on all at once. I am positive it was an awesome time. Great pics too!!

  2. How fun! It's great your got there picture together.

    BTW I sent off your package today. It should get to you by the 28th.

  3. Wow, that looks like so much fun! I have been wanting to bring my girls to an aquarium for a very long time and I love, love, love the Hunger Games series so that is very cool! :)


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