Alert! Stocking Stuffer Alert! @InRoadToys

Filling stockings are always a toughie for me... I like fun things in them, but not candy.  At Broxton's school they are each to bring in enough items for the kids in the class and it can be anything from pencils to erasers, candy to trinkets or toys... Whatever they want to bring... That got me to thinking about what would be fun stuff to add to Broxton's stocking at the house...   (I would not mind jewelry in mine, but don't think Santa is buying for me this year! Ha! Ha! Ha!)  I noticed something he has been playing with way more than normal lately and then it hit me... This would be an AWESOME stocking stuffer for someone!   

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Have you heard of InRoad Toys?  They make a play tape that is so much fun and it is a great thing to have around.  It is a roll of tape that looks like a road. (They have black, purple and orange.)  They also add to their inventory with trolley tracks, as well as railroad tracks! Broxton has the black road tape.  He has been having a blast playing with it. The best part is that he can make his tracks himself.  He just grabs the roll and makes the roads where and how he wants it. It works perfect on carpet as well as hard floor.  We even packed it for a trip and he was able to use it in the hotel at night before bedtime!  

PlayTape is:

  • Ideal for creating roads for playing with die-cast toy cars, trains, etc.
  • Sticks to any flat surface
  • Easy-tear, made of paper, no scissors required
  • Repositionable – mistake proof!
  • Easy removal, leaves no residue
  • Ideal for children of all ages 3+, including adult hobbyists
  • Imagination-centric, with no batteries, no electronics, and no screens
  • Easily stored and transported. Take fun everywhere!
  • Toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • U.S. Patent Pending


  1. I have seen it before - somewhere. I never knew where to get it though. That is a great stocking stuffer!

  2. I have never heard of them until now. They do look cool though.

  3. Very cool! When my son was little he played with his Hot Wheels cars a LOT. He would have loved this! And you're right: it's hard to find stocking stuffers that aren't candy.


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