Aloha Friday - # 55

Welcome everyone!
It is Friday!
Kick off your shoes, relax and get ready for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

My question this week:

Have you ever drank sun tea?

My answer:
I used to drink sun tea with my Nana all the time.
Over the summer, the boys and I made it a few times...
I did not have a pitcher to make it in, so we made them in big ol' Mason Jars!!!!

Nothing better in my opinion! :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Never! I didn't know what it was either until I googled a minute ago!

    Have a nice day, Noelle!

  2. I have always wanted to like tea, but I just have never been able to. I have never tried sun tea, maybe that would change my mind. Have a great weekend Noelle.

  3. I remember making sun tea with my Nana as well. The odd part, I do not actually recall drinking it ;)

  4. Yes I really like it. You just have to remember to refrigerate it with two hours of brewing and drink within two days.
    My Aloha Link for you

  5. I'm really not a tea lover. I wish I were though.

    Have a great Friday!

  6. Oh, yes. My dad loves sun tea. He pretty much makes it every summer and I love to enjoy it with him. (I add a bit of sugar to mine. lol)

  7. Yes! I don't make it withthe sun anymore but we used to....we use indoor methods because we go through it so quickly.

  8. No. We love tea buy make it indoors as well. Sounds interesting.

  9. my mother used to make it all the time was very good I have not made this for many years. Using the mason jars remind me of my friends who use mason jars for glasses

  10. Yes, we make it all the time.

  11. Never have drank tea. To me, it looks and smells gross.

    Here's my Aloha Friday

  12. My Mammaw made the best but I don't think I have had much if any tea since I stopped spending summers with her when I was 12.

  13. most definitely!! I used to make it all the time for my ex!He still loves it!!

  14. I love ice tea, but never tried it that way. I should look into it more.

  15. I've never drank it. I would love to taste it. I've been hearing news about it ever so often.

    p.s How do your get your blog to do that thing...up there on the bar it says reviews, giveaways and do you do it?

  16. Love it, growing up we always made it with my grandma, we'd mix it all up and set it out on the fence (the fence had thick posts) I love Sun Tea - great memories.

  17. Love Sun Tea! Although we don't get much sun here in the NW to make it all the time...:)

  18. No I can't say I have. I didn't start linking tea till about a year ago... I will have to try it out :)


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