Baby Bible Christmas Storybook Review

Day 12 (and final day... 12 days of Christmas, you know?!) of the Hurry Up the Holidays List.

Oh My Goodness!
What a great book to end the Hurry Up the Holidays List with!
We received the Baby Bible Christmas Storybook for review and I love the way it helps with interaction with the little one!
Normally with Broxton, we point at the pictures in the book and the colors to...
but this one goes further than that...
(What a great help for moms like me!)

I will share part of the first one with you:
Mary's Secret :
The angel told Mary a special secret.
(Put your fingers to your lips: Shhhh)
The baby will be God's Son, Jesus.
(Pretend to rock a baby)

See what I mean?
The top line tells the story and the next line helps you to interact with your child while sharing such a great story!!!!

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook is actually part of a series, I did not know that... but this is the newest release.
I really like how this book is small, perfect for a little one's hands!
Yet not those little bitty ones that are really too small to be books!
I also like that each story is only one page long. It includes the verse, the message, a short prayer and then on the next page... an illustration.
Add to it the fact it is sturdy... It is a board book!
I really like this!
This book is in mind for children up to age 3.
I think this might be a new tradition for us to read as Christmas gets closer...

As with most books, I think that this is yet another one that would be a great gift.
For a Christmas or even to celebrate a new birth!
If you are involved in your church, this would be great to add to the nursery or children's church.
Now, I need to go see the other books available in this series!

Jesus is The Reason for The Season!

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  1. Wow! This sounds great! I love the interactive parts to it.

  2. OMG That's so cool. I've been wanting to get my granddaughter's one of those. My son is a Heathen ever since he moved away from me. He doesn't go to church anymore & my granddaughters need to have he Lord in their life. Thanks for the terrific Post & sharing. Hey, you comin' out to play? Monday's Music Moves Me is today & it's freebie week. I was just telling Lorie people don't have to have a video unless they want too. They can still join the linky to be a part of the DANCIN'... BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE! ~HEHEHE` And follow along with the rest of us & people come to see you too. So, PASS THE WORD. HUGS!

  3. Definitely cute little book and nice to have a we approach the Christmas season. Always think its a good thing to start getting the kids to love books as early as possible.
    arobimom at gmail dot com


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