MMMM - Michael Bublé - Everything (Video)

FINALLY Remembered to play along with Dolly and Crew with the 4 M's!
It is freebie week...
Go ahead and play along..
Visit Dolly to link up!

Love this song!


  1. found you from the blog hop..Nice to meet you..!

  2. I love Michael Buble epecially when he sings 'Home'.

    Have a wonderful day, sweet lady!

  3. Michael Buble has an amazing voice, doesn't he? Great pick! :)

    MMMM: PN Birthday, In My Daughter's Eyes

  4. Oh this is a yummy song. I love it!

    I want to hear more of that voice! hmmmmm

  5. I didn't used to like him but he's growing on me.

  6. Nice song, and interesting video. Is he an actor too? Thought I saw him on Charmed or something like that. Thanks for playing along girlfriend. You're a peach! Hope to see you next week too. Our theme is any song that starts with a "T" for Thanksgiving. Come on now, you can do it! You got a whole week to think about it! Have a great week.

  7. I love this song and the video is adorable.
    Thanks for playing along this week, I'm glad you remembered! WooHoo!!
    Can't wait to see what you post next Monday.
    Now you KNOW I already follow you and have your button on my sidebar. HaHa


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