Squishy Toes Mat - Review

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(Nope, these are not my toes, I would not torture you like that! Before you go being silly, they are not Marc's either! Ha ha! Just wanted you to see the mat!)

I do not know about you...
But I love a nice hot bath...
or a nice hot shower.

Depends on the time I have and if I want to wash my hair.
Well, when I want a nice shower, I still want to relax.
Don't you?
Marc can shower for a million years if you let him...
He loves to stand there and let the hot water hit his muscles.

Anyways, enough about my husband showering!
I was able to review the squishy toes mat and I have to tell you...

Okay, let me be serious for a minute.
I got the mail and in it was the "squishy toes mat."
At first, I thought it was a total joke!
It looked like really nice thick paper.
(Like the kind of stuff I would buy for my photography projects!)
I was at a loss as to if this was serious or if I was in for a big joke.

I took it to the bathroom and put it in the shower.
Turned the water on...
Okay, not a joke!
It just like quadrupled in size!
Yeah, like it was a gremlin that multiplied!
I had to call Marc in to see it...

Marc - Yeah, its like a sponge!
Me - Okay, thanks honey... Now, try it out...

So, he got in to get his shower and that was it...

When he came out, I had to get his opinion..
Yes, it was comfortable.
Nice having a cushion versus standing on the hard shower floor.
But Marc's favorite thing about it?
The fact that it was like a sponge...
It held the hot water there, so his feet were nice and warm the whole time.

He placed it on the back of the tub to let it dry...
and then the next day...

Marc has a point, it is nice to have the hot water being absorbed into the mat to keep your feet nice and warm. It was comfy to have a cushion under your feet...
Relaxing to say the least!

Oh, let me tell you this...
Shhhh- It's breaks down into Humus.
Yeah, I read that and was like, I might not be the smartest...
but I for sure thought that was a food of some sort.
(One I do not like, by the way... but anyways.)
Read all about the humus deal here...
Kinda neat that it is so "earth friendly!"

Besides the fact of the comfort and the earth friendly...
HELLO, it makes your tub safe!
Well, you know what I mean!
No worries about slipping and sliding in the tub!

I wish this was around when my Nana was alive.
She eventually had to get the seat in the tub, this would have made her feel more secure, knowing she would not slip getting in and out of the tub!

Besides that, you can use it in public showers as an extra means to keeping your feet clean!
This would be great if you have a loved one deployed..
They could throw this in the shower with them, and then it could dry out until they were able to shower next!

As you can tell, I am hooked!!!!

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